Welcome to Tammy Handmade

Hi, I’m Tammy, I’m 25 and I started this blog to share my sewing journey of creating a wearable, handmade wardrobe and to capture my own progress as I play, learn and experiment with making my own clothes. I’ve always been a very creative person, I was painting and drawing every day growing up, studied art at school and then completed my degree in Graphic Design in Bournemouth, UK. 

I have always loved fashion and the idea of making my own clothes. Growing up, I had traditional, Indian occasionwear designed and tailored for me, visiting tailors houses and seeing their process was really inspiring and taught me the craftsmanship that goes into making clothes. My grandmother also used to sew and tailor clothes, she even made her own wedding dress and taught my aunt how to sew her own too. I started sewing about a year ago, and it’s been a really lovely experience to share a passion with my family and to learn from them and watch me grow.

I hope this blog encourages others to make their own clothes or even start something new that you’ve always wanted to try. I’ll be posting any clothes that I make from sewing patterns and self-drafted pieces, so I hope I can show you how fun and rewarding handmade clothes can be.

Tammy x