A Black Berlin Jacket

I’ve always wanted to make a jacket that has more of a relaxed vibe, and then I came across the Berlin Jacket by Tessuti Fabrics. This has to got to be one of the easiest jacket sewing patterns out there, as it’s an unlined cardigan style which fits like a dream because of its relaxed fit. 

I wanted to make this up in a cheaper material first, so I chose this lovely wool coating fabric from Minerva Crafts. The black, coating fabric I used has a nice lightweight feel and even though it does fray, it worked really well with this pattern. I made this in an XS as I didn’t want it to be too oversized, and it ended up fitting perfectly.

The instructions were also very clear, I love it when instructions have images as well – I feel like it’s easier to understand! I know the pattern recommends using a fabric that doesn’t fray, but as this was more of a test that turned out to be a wearable toile, I think you can get away with it! I made adjustments to the construction, so not every seam has a raw edge. I joined the neck facing to the wrong side of the garment and then turned it to the right side and ran two parallel lines of stitching – right on the neckline, and again on the neckband to the bodice. This meant the neckline edge was a finished seam and felt sturdier, and the other side of the neckband was left with a raw edge. I also finished the pockets edges and turned them in before attaching to the bodice, but this meant the pockets turned out a tiny bit smaller than I had hoped.

Overall, I’m really happy with how it turned out, it’s perfect to wear indoors and outdoors when it’s not too hot. Next time I make this, I will definitely use a boiled wool or a fabric that doesn’t fray, maybe in a pastel or a lighter colour more appropriate for spring/summer. But everyone needs a black jacket!