Scrap busting Top: Phoebe Linen Tank

I’ve been wanting to make a comfy tank top for a while now and as part of my May 2020 Sewing Plans I said that I wanted to sew up the Phoebe Linen Tank. I love wearing sleeveless tops this time of the year, pairing them with jeans looks great and feels like a no faff outfit!

The pattern

So I’ve had this specific sewing pattern in the back of my mind for a few months now because of its easy wearing vibe. The Phoebe Linen Tank by The Fabric Store is a simple tank that feels super versatile to wear, making it an essential piece in any wardrobe. This free sewing pattern has no closures so you just throw it on and it gives such a lovely boxy t-shirt vibe. On the original pattern, they make a lovely white linen version, which inspired me to create one in ivory linen fabric.

Choosing the fabric

I’ve never sewn with linen, and I knew instantly I wanted to try making this in a nice light-weight linen fabric. I chose this gorgeously soft linen and can’t recommend this fabric enough. It sews like a dream, keeps its shape but also feels quite fluid at the same time! I bought one metre of linen and managed to use about ¾ of it, leaving a good chunk of it spare which I can hopefully make something small out of!


I ended up making a size 4/6 which fitted really well on the arms. I think I may have stretched the neckband out slightly when sewing the bias binding on as it doesn’t lay completely flat, but I don’t think it’s a big issue! I also love where the hem hits on my body, it feels like the perfect length for a boxy top. 


This pattern has the best instructions I have ever used. Hands down. When you download the pattern there is a link to one of their blog posts on how to construct this top with images, and they have a separate blog post on how to attach the bias binding. Their instructions are very clear, and this sewing project is one of the first times that my neckline and armholes looked professional because of how good the instructions were! I loved sewing up this top because it was not difficult and I think this is perfect for a beginner sewing project. So if you have a metre spare of fabric, this pattern is the perfect scrap busting project that requires little time and looks very stylish!


I decided to put my newly found embroidery skills to the test and embellish this top with a few floral details. I ended up just having a play and randomly embroidering flowers and leaves along the neckline in pastel coloured thread. I’m actually really proud of how this turned out and can’t wait to refine my embroidery and hopefully keep getting better with more practice! I used this embroidery kit that I bought about a year ago, it comes with everything you need and honestly is a great beginner kit because it’s cheap and the utensils are great!