Cute DIY Baby Clothes: Free sewing patterns

DIY Sewing baby clothes Tammy Handmade

Who doesn’t love the look of teenie weenie baby clothes?! I’ve always found them so adorable to look at and recently realised whilst watching The Great British Sewing Bee, how difficult they are to sew! But none the less, I wanted to try making a few baby clothes as a gift for a family member and stumbled across these great online free baby clothes sewing patterns!

The patterns

I knew I wanted to make a matching set and didn’t want to try something too complex for my first time sewing with jersey fabric. The t-shirt pattern I decided to go for was The Rowan Tee by Misusu Patterns. It’s a free top pattern that has options for long or short sleeves and is an easy pattern if you’re new to sewing with knit fabric. For the bottoms, I chose another free pattern called Petite Pegs by Patterns for Pirates which are a traditional legging style with a knit waistband, which also looked relatively easy to sew. I was set on making just a top and bottom matching set, but then I came across this adorable knot bow headband sewing pattern by Coral & Co, which uses scraps of fabric so it is perfect for any leftovers you have from making the top and bottoms.

Choosing the fabric & Sizing

I’ve never sewn with jersey fabric so was a bit apprehensive, but I have an overlocker so I knew it would just take practice to perfect sewing with knits! I wanted to choose a good quality knit fabric, and found this gorgeous, organic cotton jersey fabric from MyFabrics that is Oeko Tex Certified, which means the fabric was made free from any harmful chemicals – perfect for babies delicate skin! The light beige, moon and stars print was absolutely perfect as it’s a really cute gender-neutral colour. These clothes are made in a size 0-3 months as I wanted there to be room to grow!


All three patterns were so straight-forward and easy to construct, the most difficult part of all the patterns I found was to create a neat, perfect finish because everything is so tiny it’s hard to handle! I really love how everything turned out, especially the top and bottoms as I know I’ll be making this lots in the future as gifts! The instructions were really easy to follow and if you’re sewing with an overlocker it’s such a game-changer as feels so much faster and you achieve such a professional finish!

Drawstring gift bag

I wanted to make something to give the clothes in and was originally going to make a tote bag, but then realised I didn’t have any canvas fabric and wanted to use this lovely, floral, cotton fabric I got last year. So I found this youtube tutorial online by Melly Sews and it’s such a great, easy to follow tutorial that only uses 2 squares of fabric and ribbon! I’m so happy with how it turned out and can’t wait to gift it!