DIY Two-Tone Scrunchies | Scrap-busting Easy Sewing Tutorial

As part of my July Sewing Plans, I wanted to go through all my scraps of fabric (which is a lot!) and try to find pieces that would be perfect to repurpose into some cute scrunchies! I decided to try something different and incorporate two colours of fabric together for a more chic and luxe look that also allowed me to be more sustainable with my sewing and use up pieces that I would have otherwise thrown away! I’m loving how these turned out and now just have to make hundreds more!

Self-drafted pattern

I used a self-drafted pattern for this make, and just cut out two rectangles that were my 9 inches wide and 4 inches high. I filmed a YouTube Tutorial showing you all how to make this too! I hope you all try making these as well because they’re so great for using up any extra fabric scraps you have lying around!