Sewing an oversized Ilford jacket – Friday pattern co.

I love the vibe of an oversized jacket, especially for Autumn. I went to browse some shops recently and tried on a men’s corduroy jacket and fell in love with the baggier boxy fit, so naturally, I thought I could make this!

The pattern

So I’ve seen a few Ilford jackets over on Instagram, I really love that this pattern looks great with so many different fabrics. The Ilford Jacket is a uni-sex pattern by Friday Pattern Company and features drop shoulders for a relaxed vibe and two sleeve options. It’s a great beginner jacket pattern if you decide to sew the boxy sleeve version and you can customise the pockets to suit what you like! I love that this would look great on me or my partner, so I’ll definitely be sewing another version in a canvas for him I think!

Choosing the fabric

As I mentioned earlier, I wanted to recreate a similar jacket I saw in the shops so I went hunting online for some affordable corduroy fabric and came across this gorgeous one from MyFabrics. It’s a warm, brown shade that is lightweight, so in the future, I would recommend buying a slightly heavier-weight fabric as that’ll make more of a structured jacket, but you live and you learn! I found something similar here on Minerva, which looks like a great option too! I also decided I didn’t want to sew buttons onto this jacket and wanted to try using snap on / pressed buttons and found these silver ones by Prym which worked a treat!


The fabric instructions are really easy to follow along to and they even have photographed steps for the tricker parts of the jacket. I decided to sew the placket sleeve version and to be honest, I found it quite hard to get my head around and it looks far from perfect in that area, so I feel like next time I’ll be making the boxier sleeve version! Apart from that everything else came together super quickly, although I would sew the pockets onto the jacket first, as in the instructions you end up doing this much later on – which makes it much tricker!

When adding on the snap fasteners, I ended up buying the grippy tool as well, because I found the blue cheaper version that comes in the Prym packet is pretty useless haha! So it made the process so much easier once I purchased the actual tool!

Overall, I loved sewing the Ilford jacket so much, it was definitely a great learning curve for me – but I can’t wait to make a few more versions for me and my partner! Next time, I’m thinking of using a heavier weight canvas fabric with brown buttons, similar to the men’s version on the pattern.